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How To Craft a Pawsitively Joyful and Pet-Friendly Holiday

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How To Craft a Pawsitively Joyful and Pet-Friendly Holiday

Crafting a Pawsitively Joyful and Pet-Friendly Holiday – Anxiety Free

As we plunge into the festive cheer, it’s important to extend our attention to our beloved pets too. They might not fully grasp the excitement in the air. The holiday season may be a time of joy for us, but it can lead to feelings of exclusion and anxiety in dogs and cats, and you might notice a change in your cat or dog’s behaviour.

In this article, we will look at why they do not always share our excitement and explore ways in which we can make our festivities pet-friendly to ensure their comfort and engagement.

Why Festivities Can Cause Anxiety in Dogs

·         Travelling Stress

When our pets accompany us on our holiday adventures, the change in their routines and environment can be stressful.

·         Pet Sitting

Being left with a pet sitter or in a new environment like a pet or dog hotel might lead to a sense of isolation and separation anxiety in dogs.

·         Boredom and Exclusion

With children captivated by all the festivities, their best-friend pets might feel left out, lonely, and bored.

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How to Make Your Holiday Pet-Friendly for Your Wild at Heart One

·         Travelling Preparations

Before you embark on your exciting road trip, familiarise your pet with travelling by taking them for short rides. Also, make sure that they have familiar comforts with them, like their bedding and favourite toys.

·         Pet Friendly Accommodations and Restaurants

Plan pet-friendly holiday adventures with your Wild at Heart One, by exploring pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants and dog parks.

·         At Home with the Pet Sitter

Encourage your pet sitter to stick to your pet’s routine and share with them your dog or cat’s preferences and activities to maintain familiarity and comfort. Assist them with ideas for mentally stimulating activities that your pet enjoys.

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·         Interactive Games for Children and Pets

Cheer on the kids to engage your pet with games like hide-and-seek, puzzle toys, obstacle courses, and fetch. Or help them with easy and fun training ideas to teach your pet new party tricks, and keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

·         Creative Play

You and your children can create safe DIY toys and puzzles or obstacle courses to keep all the kids busy for hours.

·         Include Pets in Celebrations

Involve pets in the mild festivities by treating them to pet-safe treats and including them in family happenings.

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How to Keep Your Cat or Dog Calm and Comfortable Amidst Celebrations

·         Safe Spaces

Create a familiar and safe space for your pet, whether you are travelling or at home, where they can retreat if they feel overwhelmed.

·         Maintain the Routine

Family time can be crazy times! Despite the festivities, try to maintain feeding times and walks, offering stability and reassurance.

·         Dangers of Christmas Food

Vets experience an increased occurrence of food poisoning during the Christmas and holiday seasons. As much as those pleading eyes can turn your heart upside down, do not fall into the trap. Delicacies off our tables, like meats, cooked bones, seafood, sauces, sweets, deserts, chocolates, and chocolates… and just a frequent tiny taste of champagne… can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Prevent access to harmful foods and Christmas tree treats, and ensure they have their regular healthy and well-balanced diet to avoid digestive issues.

·         Calming aids

Amidst the festive season buzz, calming aids like soothing music, pheromone diffusers, calming collars, specialised natural calming supplements and a tranquil space to retreat to play a crucial role in helping your pet navigate the festivities. These calming aids can effectively reduce anxiety in dogs and cats and ensure their comfort during the excitement, making the holiday season a joyful experience for all.

·         Regular Check-ins

During the celebrations, ensure periodic check-ins and many cuddles to reassure your loved one of your presence and care.



Final Thoughts

As we cherish the joyful holiday spirit, let us remember that our pets are a fundamental and very special part of our families.

By understanding their needs, ensuring they are being kept mentally stimulated with engaging activities, and by making them feel loved, we can ensure their well-being and happiness throughout this special time.

After all, their joy enlightens these special moments for everyone.


Written by: Expert Naturopath Dr. Jeanne-Marie Lambrechts

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